Social Media Marketing

Today’s customer journey is no longer linear—it’s an on-going conversation that doesn’t stop at the sale. Our social media practice is a marketing practice, focused on advocacy and engagement. We take a brand’s strategy and activate it across the social landscape, delivering valuable experiences for audiences and making the highest business impact possible.

Stand Out

A team of social curators and engagement managers ignite your brand in a complex social landscape. We do this by publishing content that resonates, mining for relevant conversation, and participating in the dialogue. And we do it nimbly, so that we can engage in meaningful conversations when they matter most.

Create Fantastic Content

Great content gets shared. To create that content, we work through three lenses—your brand’s message, insight-based audience analysis, and specific social media platform nuances—and find the sweet spot, where they all intersect. This guides the stories we create, based on what your audience wants, and how they’ll consume it in each platform.

Lead the Conversation

In today’s world of social conversation, it’s key for brands to take part in the wider discussion, whether you’re mentioned by name, or not. We start with tools that help us understand the volume and sentiment of the conversation happening across the social landscape. We identify what your customers are saying, where they are saying it, and why they feel the way they do. This allows us to join the dialogue in a thoughtful way that deepens relationships, educates consumers, builds advocacy, and, influences sales.

Amplify it

Our organic and paid social media teams ensure that paid content is genuine and authentic to the audience and the platform at hand, seamlessly integrating with the organic content in the feed. But paid isn’t the only way to amplify. Based on KPIs and business goals, we recommend and execute on a mix of amplification strategies, such as influencer marketing partnerships, or pilot programs, that deliver the strongest results.

Measure it

Because everything our social program delivers is designed to ladder up to your brand’s key goals and to maximize ROI, we measure often. We track our strategies and their impact on a holistic mix of bought, earned and owned media. And while we measure often, we never measure in isolation. We also layer our analysis over a competitive dataset to gain a holistic view of our impact across the industry.

Keep it Real

Social happens in real-time, all the time, so a top-notch content calendar extends far beyond planned posts. You have to be adaptive to be part of the topics that have people talking. Our social listening tools allow us to identify trends that align with your brand values, and quickly create the kind of unique, ad hoc content that engages your audience and keeps them talking.

Email Marketing

If you’re looking to add email marketing to part of your integrated online marketing program, our team of results-driven professionals can work with you to deliver a customer-centric program geared at converting and retaining customers. We’ve honed our email marketing process to create a results-driven approach to messaging, Call To Action (CTA), lead capture and conversion metrics.

Content Marketing

Content is power

We believe in the power of content, and we help our clients identify, engage and build deep relationships with consumers through it. Regardless of the medium, regardless of the distribution platform, there’s always going to be a content solution that can drive increased engagement and performance for your brand.

Laser focus

We work with our best analysts, search experts, planners and strategists to sift through the data, research and insights and uncover the nuggets that will fuel our work. That accomplished, we can identify your business problem and how our content can solve it. Once we’ve done that, we’ll come up with a plan for how that content will work across all distribution channels, down to individual pieces of content. Then we get to work, and ensure that everything we do stays within those guidelines.

Making it shareable

We bring our campaigns to life in partnership with the social and paid media teams who optimize our content, package it for relevant audiences and make it sharable. Key influencers and brand advocates are identified by working with PR, marketing and social media teams, and by analyzing what’s trending at the moment.

A powerful engine

Top-tier content production isn’t enough. While our clients need that affordable, sharable content for their channels, they also need tools to get it deployed properly. We’ve built a turn-key content engine that can pull content from multiple CMS’s, and package that content for multi-platform distribution. It works hard to squeeze the most out of your always on content. This methodology gets results and holds all stakeholders to a high degree of accountability for content performance.

Digital Planning & Media Buying

Making the most of every channel

Our digital media planning and buying team figures out how, when and where to reach consumers in the most relevant environments for our clients. We identify platform-agnostic synergies across paid, owned and earned media, integrating media in the creative process, optimizing the digital marketing mix and developing attribution models to measure the return on media spend – all at once.

The right eyeball at the right time

Successful online planning isn’t just about getting eyeballs. It’s about getting the right ones to notice you with the right message at the right time. So we combine search engine marketing (SEM), paid social and display media into one team, which helps us advise clients on which media to buy for optimum ROI. It also allows us to use data to identify people with intent, and speak to them as they move around the web.

An integrated approach

Planning and buying both encompass a constantly evolving ecosystem of bought, earned and owned media. Our holistic approach allows us to integrate all digital channels – including social media – and measure cross-channel influence, both online and off. As a result, we’re more efficient, nimble and capable of editing, adding or canceling a campaign for optimal results.

Measure, optimize, repeat

Aiming to provide our clients the best ROI with our measurement and analytics capabilities, using 3rd party media management software, we can offer class-leading performance and measure the ROI of every media dollar our clients spend.